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Our experience runs deep and our successes are numerous, yet our motivation is simple. In our years of practice, the goal has always been to deliver the most effective results for each and every one of our esteemed clients. That core principle is backed by a true commitment to treating clients with the attention and respect they so rightfully deserve.

When you work with us, you can expect a legal team that fights hard for you in state and federal courts. You can expect an attorney who talks with you in straightforward ways about your rights. You’ll never be overwhelmed by legal jargon or court procedures that you just don’t understand. Instead, you will work closely with one or our experienced lawyers from the moment we take your case until matters are resolved.

We’re On Your Side! Experienced representation is just a phone call away… We’ll answer all your questions.

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Our Specialties

Mill Stone Legal Group, LLC are experts in the following areas of practice: Bankruptcy; Consumer Protection; Debt Relief; Unfair Collections; Credit Repair; Personal Injury; Real Estate; Employee Labor Issues and Business Law. Our Attorney’s have extensive experience and expertise in our practice areas and will explain your rights and legal options.

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